Environmental Compliance Scope of Services

Experience = Efficiency = Savings

We have worked in industry and understand the budgetary constraints engineers and environmental managers face.  Our integrated engineering and environmental compliance management approach can provide significant savings.  A thorough understanding of your processes eliminates the potential for oversights and over-runs, reducing your time and budget commitments.

VAVCO is pleased to offer a range of Environmental Compliance expertise, which includes:

Air Permitting

  • State-Only Operating permit applications,
  • Title V permit applications, and
  • State General Registrations and modifications.


Air Emissions Reporting

  • Annual Greenhouse Gas emissions and Subpart OOOOa operations, and
  • State-required emissions inventory reporting.

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Compliance Certification

  • Compile and prepare annual certifications of compliance, and
  • Submit COC on your behalf.

Emissions Testing

  • RFP preparation;
  • Testing contractor coordination, oversight, and review; and
  • Protocol/Report review

Compliance Tracking

  • Calendar-based, sharable documentation of regulatory compliance deadlines.

Leak Detection and Repair

  • Fugitive emissions monitoring plan,
  • LDAR monitoring (FLIR camera or Method 21), and
  • Periodic reporting and leak repair documentation.


Tank Compliance

  • New tank registration;
  • SPCC/PPC plan preparation and maintenance;
  • Periodic API or STI inspections;
  • Tank closure plan submittal,
  • Tank removal/demo oversight, and
  • Final closure report preparation.

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Erosion & Sedimentation

  • Review and update your existing E&S plans;
  • Submit new NPDES permits,
  • GWPP/SWPPP development; and
  • E&S controls inspections.

Waste Management

  • Waste record data compilation,
  • Waste tracking integration, and
  • Regulatory report preparation.

Waste Management Software | Waste Tracking Software - Gensuite

Vavco can serve as a point of contact for agency representatives via telephone, email, or in‐person office or field meetings to participate in client operations meetings, allowing us an opportunity to offer opinion on how client plans may potentially be impacted by environmental regulations.

For more information:

Contact: Jim Locke, Director-Environmental Compliance

Office: 412-788-1401, ext. 328

Mobile: 724-554-0211

Email: jameslocke@vavcollc.com